How to Cook a Gourmet Sausage

What ever you do – DO NOT prick the skin of the sausage.

To cook sausages by frying, heat 1 tbsp butter or oil in a frying pan. Cook the sausages gently in the oil for 10-12 minutes, until thoroughly cooked, turning frequently. Sausages can also be baked in the oven (a good method to use if you’re cooking something else in the oven). Preheat the oven to 375°F. Place the sausages on a baking tray and cook for 20-25 minutes, until thoroughly cooked, turning halfway through the cooking time. Individual types of sausages may have slightly different cooking times – for example a smoked sausage will only need half this baking time.

How to Cook a Pork Porchetta Roast with Crispy Skin Stuffed with Garlic and Herbs 

The King of Italian Pork Roasts – the Porchetta Roast!

A pork belly or leg, is stuffed with Tuscan herbs and seasonings, and slow roasted until all the bacon fat renders out, leaving luscious meat and a crispy skin. This is perfect for the most memorable of meals and makes a great sandwich. 


Leave Porchetta tied with butcher string to keep the shape during cooking and remove once cooked. Season the outside with salt and pepper for taste and bake slowly.
Prepartion Time 15 minutes 
Cook Time 5-6 hours
Servings 12
  1. Adjust an oven rack to the lower-middle position and preheat oven to 300°F. Place pork in a v-rack set in a large roasting pan, or on a wire rack set in a rimmed baking sheet. Place roasting pan in oven and roast until internal temperature of pork reaches 160°F, about two – three hours, basting with pan drippings every half hour. Continue roasting another two hours, until a knife or skewer inserted into the pork shows very little resistance asides from the outer layer of skin. Better to roast long and slow to ensure the fat melts under the skin. The temperature will reach up to 200 degrees and still be delicious.
  2. Remove pan from oven, and set roast aside. Carefully pour off the hot oil into a vessel. Let oil cool, and dispose of, or strain and save all the bacon fat for other recipes.
  3. Increase oven temperature to 500°F. Return roast to oven, and continue roasting until completely crisp and blistered, about 20 to 30 minutes longer. Watch closely so it does not burn. Rotate the roast to be sure the underside crisps as well if necessary.
  4. Total cooking time will be close to 5 hours or more, depending on the size of the roast. Alternatively, you can remove the roast from the oven and tent with foil for up to two hours before finishing it in a preheated 500°F oven.
  5. Tent with foil and allow to rest for 20 -30 minutes. Slice with a serrated knife into 1-inch thick disks and serve.

How to Peel and Cut a Salami

Whether you slice it thinly and layer it in sandwiches or cut it into cubes for an appetizer tray with cheese and crackers, salami is a tasty and versatile food. This dry sausage is filled with garlic and spices, then aged in a natural casing. This casing is neither attractive nor appetizing, and you should remove it before serving the salami. The casing usually seems to bond with the salami meat with an unnatural strength, resisting all efforts to easily peel it off. Use a tip or two from deli owners to remove the casing.

sausages sonoma

Slice off the top of the salami to remove the gathered end. Slip the knife between the meat and the casing. Slit the casing from the top down to the bottom of the portion you will be using. Peel away the casing from the salami. If the casing is hard to remove from the meat, try soaking it in cool water for a few minutes to loosen.